BIM (Building Information Modeling) applies to the entire life-cycle of a building (design, construction, operation and maintenance) and brings significant advantages for all actors involved (clients, designers, contractors, managers, investors) resulting in greater control of the entire process and optimization of quality, time and costs. The Decree No. 560/2017, recently updated with No. 312/2021, from Italian Ministry of Infrastructures defined the schedule for the mandatory introduction of BIM for public procurement in Italy. This obligation will involve from 2023 all tenders for construction works exceeding 5,350,000 euros (EU relevance threshold for tenders), from 2025 all public tenders exceeding 1,000,000 euros of construction works will have to be developed with BIM methodology.




Since 2016, REISARCHITETTURA has been working with BIM methodology for the development of its projects. The fundamental factor is a multidisciplinary approach: thanks to an established network of collaborators our studio can manage the design process in BIM for all disciplines (architecture, structures, MEP, furnishings, construction site). Creating a 3D virtual reproduction of the building in federated models allows to verify the geometric interferences of the project, but the dimensions of BIM go beyond. 4D modeling adds the time factor: construction/demolition phases are implemented in detail in the model to have maximum control over construction time and interferences. The 5D introduces the costs that can be verified by linking the price list to the quantities extracted from the model that will be automatically updated after each change. The 6D and 7D introduce the operation and maintenance and sustainability for an assessment of the project on the entire life-cycle.





REISARCHITETTURA provides costruction firms, designers, and engineering firms with a range of consulting and collaboration services for the development of projects or tenders with BIM methodology:

Tender-Management: development of tenders with related pre-appointment BEPs (Building Execution Plans) according to ISO 19650 (international standard for BIM) for the development with BIM methodology of the assignment.

Integrated design (Architecture, Structures, MEP) for acquired design and construction assignments or projects.

• Development, management, and coordination of integrated building information modeling of the project/assignment (Architecture, Structures, Plants).

• Development of BEPs (Building Execution Plans) according to ISO 19650 (international standard for BIM) for the management with BIM methodology of acquired assignments.

• Development of as-built BIM models.

Survey and BIM modeling of existing buildings.

• 4D and construction planning from BIM model..

5D and construction costs computation from BIM model.

6D and development of BIM models for the operation and maintenance of the building.

7D and life-cycle assessment of the project.

LEED consulting and project pre-assessment.

• Assistance and management of the LEED certification process of the project and the building.