Organizing authority:

Architetto Nicola Isetta

DBA Progetti (MEP)
Baucon Bozen (Strutture)

GFA office building 7.304 m²
GFA basement and underground parking spaces 7.197 m²

2018 August – competition first phase
2019 January – competition second phase (7th prize)

Our proposal for the new headquarters of Alperia is an iconic building that will help defining a new image for the company in connection with the territory, it will be a space for 4.0 work, energy efficient and able to interact with its users and last but not least it is the first step for the regeneration of the Military District area in a new technology industry HUB, strategic for the city of Merano and the Adige valley.

We’ve chosen to keep the southeast part of the lot unbuilt and deploy the volume on the northwest side, creating an entrance to a linear park which will define the new masterplan of the redeveloped Military District. The green area is crossed by a pedestrian/cycling path that will allow the circulation in a sustainable and "green" way starting from Via Scuderie to the new district. The volume is divided into a glazed podium, where the entrances to the offices and the common spaces are located, above whom the two offices buildings for Edyna and Alperia are laid. On the north side of the lot is the volume for the warehouse and workshops. The volumes of the offices are two glazed prisms on which is superimposed the facade pattern in colored aluminum profiles, which serves as passive sunscreen and creates an iconic and recognizable image for the company. The colorful pattern (green for Alperia and blue for Edyna) is a graphic sign that recalls the network, clean energy, technology at the service of nature and sustainability. The image changes and evolves according to the hours of the day and the seasons thanks to the reflections of the glazed facade and the ever-changing shadows of the pattern that create different atmospheres within each floor. In the evening the building will appear as a lantern, clearly visible and recognizable by the highway and the Railway. The top of the volumes of the offices, tilted and sharp, recalls the peaks of the Alps and accommodates more than 1,000 square meters of photovoltaic panels. Finally, the building is an example of holistic design where the Mean-Lean-Green approach is mastered by reducing energy consumption with passive strategies (Mean), optimizing the efficiency of the system with the use of low-power solutions (Lean) and the use of renewable energy sources (Green).