Project team:
Architetto Nicola Isetta (Architectural Design)
Architetto Paola Rebellato (PM and CM)

Alessandra Bello

offices gross floor area 522 m²
wine tanks platform 1 gross floor area 735 m²
wine tanks platform 2 gross floor area 973 m²

2015 schematic design, building permit phase 1
2016 design development, beginning of construction phase 1
2017 building permit, design development phase 2
2018 end of works

The project involves the enlargement of CEVIV winery in Susegana (Treviso) in two phases. The first provides a new office building and an open-air platform for 20 wine-tanks and autoclaves, the second another platform for 24 new tanks. The project main idea is to have the facade of the offices block and the enclosure of the platforms with the same cladding, in order to have a “volume” with a unique treatment. The solution we chose is a cladding with green-colored perforated aluminum sheets to recall the logo of the firm. The perforated panels allow slight see-through playing with transparency and light.

The holes of the perforated panels have different sizes making the facade vibrant and multi-hued. The base of the platforms is a solid concrete wall poured on foam matrix resulting in a striped texture like cut stone in cave. The offices block has three floors plus a terrace on the roof. The glazed ground floor has a step back from the higher floors which are cantilever on south and west side. A glazed atrium with lift connects to the existing winery, from here you gain access to all the offices floors, to the existing warehouse and to the new wine-tanks platform. On ground floor there is a reception and a laboratory, on first floor an open-space office and a closed master-office, while on second floor there is a small tasting-room and an apartment for the keeper.