Architetto Nicola Isetta

GFA residential 12.500 m²
GFA commercial 1.100 m²
underground parking space 5.000 m²

2017 competition

The company MILANOSESTO spa, headed by the international real estate development firm Bizzi & Partners Development, has banned a competition for the development of social housing on one of the parcels in the ex-Falk and railway line areas in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), part of the Masterplan developed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. The UCP 1A chosen for the competition is part of the most urban district of the entire masterplan. The pedestrian avenue to the station, the porches, the shops and the relationship with the existing palaces on the other side of via Mazzini create a downtown-like environment.

Starting from this idea, the building we designed features all the characteristics of a “Milanese” downtown building: open colonnade on the ground floor, solid facades with different overlapping orders of windows and crowning with a mansard floor. Closing the "open court" system provided in the masterplan becomes the natural solution to develop in a habitable manner all the required GFA and to give urban dignity to via Mazzini at the same time. Adding the fourth side transforms the building in a classic city block with internal courtyard. The volume on Via Mazzini develops only up to the fourth floor and is set up with an open-air distribution corridor on the inside as in the old “case di ringhiera” of Milan. This helps also keeping the volume slender and the court larger and livable. On the inner court elevations there are large terraces, used as garden for the residential units. On the other hand, the exterior elevation has a more “solid” image with built-in loggias on the facade. The ground floor has a permeable porch with shops along the outside perimeter. The courtyard is a well-kept collective space that adds quality to the residences and is accessible both from the station avenue and from via Mazzini. On the ground floor the court has space for bicycles parking and other services for the residences while on the first floor there is a collective garden reachable with an open staircase.