Architetto Nicola Isetta
Architetto Paola Rebellato
Ing. Francesco Bertolo (MEP)

school and gym gross floor area 2.980 m²
internal courtyard and roof garden area 2.900 m²
car parking area 2.080 m²
park and garden area 8.070 m²

2016 competition

The project area is located in a beautiful natural and panoramic setting overlooking the countryside of Treviso and the Venetian Prealps. The design idea is to maximum the integration with this environment so that it becomes part of the pedagogical career of the students. The relationship with green and open spaces, the opening to the territory together with the energy and environmental sustainability are the words that led us in the design of the new elementary school of Crespano del Grappa: "The school with garden on the roof" is the design statement of the project and the identification element for the children who will attend it.

The volume of the new school is located on the east side of the lot, leaving space for the green to the west, where you enjoy the best view and you are completely immersed in the natural environment. The building is shaped like a large plate of a single ground floor so that, fitting into the landscape in a discreet way and allowing internal spaces to always have a direct relationship with the outside. This requirement is crucial for an elementary school where play and life outside are still important aspects of education. The gym volume is north and thanks to its sloping roof, it efficiently hosts a photovoltaic plant. The green spaces are the basis of the concept of the project, these are declined in three different ways. The PARK to the west of the school integrates into the surrounding environment, here are provided spaces to study and play, social activities and outdoor study. Inside the volume is carved a central COURTYARD that can be used for outdoor activities of younger children who need more surveillance. Finally, the roof of the building is treated as a GREEN ROOF, an extension of the park characterizing the project. The garden terrace allows you to enjoy the best of the surrounding environment and, from the perspective of children, has the charm of a distinctive and playful space. Around the building, there are 2 m cantilever porches that provide passive solar protection to indoor spaces and can be used for outdoor social activities protected from sun or rain. The main entrance to the school is from the south-east corner through a lobby overlooking the central courtyard. Three glass corridors are on the sides of the court and cross the building for maximum permeability and natural lighting of the interior spaces. From the south and west corridors, you access the classrooms for the main educational activities that look out to the outside of the volume. In the east wing a central corridor provides access to the spaces for special activities, the presidency, the teachers' room and the library. The corridor on north the north side provides access to the 100-seat canteen, the gym with regular basketball court and finally the 120-seat auditorium.