real estate developer

Architetto Nicola Isetta
Architetto Paola Rebellato

total plot area: 3916 m²
public green and parking space: 436 m²
built net internal area option 1: 875 m² (3 independent houses + 1 paired home)
built net internal area option 2: 786 m² (5 independent houses)

2017 schematic design

The project consists in a residence with 5 houses in the countryside of Ponzano Veneto, 15 minutes from the historical center of Treviso.
The access to the plot is from south, here we have 6 public parking lots and 255 m² of public green; the access route to the residences is on the north-west boarder of the plot in order to guarantee privacy from the Bed&Breakfast on the neighboring property.

The centuries-old trees are maintained, and the gardens are maximized. Two different options have been studied: the first provides 3 detached houses and a paired home using the space at best and guaranteeing an extensive garden to all the residences, the second provides 5 detached houses preferring total independence and privacy. The residences have a clean line that reinterprets the farmhouses of Venetian countryside; all the typologies have similar elements composed in different ways: ground floor porch, first floor loggia, sloped roof, extensive glazing; this strategy is intended to give unity and order to the overall intervention. The identity to the single home is given with color variation, different combinations have been studied on natural tones.