Municipality of Florence

Architetto Nicola Isetta

residential surface 32.000 m²
office surface 12.500 m²
commercial surface 4.000 m²
cultural facilities surface 2.000 m²
public school surface 2.500 m²

2016 competition

The area object of ​​the competition has complex and varied features that define many criticalities and some great potentialities. The bordering areas facing viale Pietro Nenni and the Stradone dell'Ospedale are in a state of decay. Despite its historical memory value the military base “Lupi di Toscana” is in poor condition and contributes to the fragmentation of a segregated area, the base is disconnected from the surrounding context therefore it is necessary to demolish it for an effective redevelopment of the area. Beside these criticalities we find some potentialities and qualities: the tramway on viale Pietro Nenni is a valuable connection to the public transport network for the historical center of Florence, the Hospital and the Rehabilitation Center are an important healthcare hub and the built street fronts on the road to Scandicci and via del Ronco Corto maintain a rural settlement characterization almost disappeared in the surrounding areas.

Finally nestled between the outskirts of Florence and the village of Scandicci the area has a remarkable extension of rural green spaces that are worth to be revalued. The large extension of the area compared to the planed building surface allows for low building density and large open public spaces, therefore the masterplan offers low volumes that best integrate with the existing buildings. A curtain of volumes is provided along the new planned Nenni Torregalli road, aligned with the former Palazzina di Comando. A linear square with green spaces acts as filter between the building front and the roadway. The residential volumes lay along a new inner ring road, the buildings front folds on itself where the old “piazza d'armi” was, creating a new square for the local market. Two urban blocks are defined from this layout, inside the blocks there are public parks for the residences. Towards the outskirts - on the north side - a public park is created for social vegetables gardens and acts as filter between the built environment and viale Pietro Nenni. The residential buildings must not be continuous but allow small misalignments, different heights and intervals with pedestrian and visual passages to the inner park, in order to give a more natural and human image that reminds the spontaneous architecture of a rural village, similar to the historic one on the road to Scandicci and via del Ronco Corto. Two roundabouts on the new route serve as an infrastructural basis to properly link the indoor ring road of the masterplan with the outside and are the infrastructure of the entire redevelopment. The tramway link from viale Pietro Nenni to the Hospital provided by the regional urban planning is proposed underground along the new road connection to avoid interference with the vehicular traffic and minimize acoustic and natural impacts.