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Cortina d'Ampezzo per Anziani ONLUS Foundation

Architetto Nicola Isetta
Architetto Paola Rebellato

gross floor area 3,500 m²

2013 competition


In 2013 the foundation “Cortina d'Ampezzo per Anziani” announced a competition for 30 new apartments for elderly people plus collective service spaces. Our choice was to renounce to a singular big building to follow the reference of the local villages' compounds of houses in the mountains. This choice integrates with the context and crates quality spaces guaranteed by the local construction knowledge, following these premises we provided a compound of six three-storey residences in couples on three levels, following the natural slope of the land.

Every couple is connected by one-storey collective spaces, in this way we have three blocks. Each block has 10 apartments and collective spaces that connects the residences. The typology of the residences is the traditional local house with pitched roof sloped perpendicularly to the landscape and the position of the buildings along the slope of the mountain to have maximum sun exposure. The materials are traditional but with contemporary architectural details: the ground floor has stone outside walls and the upper volume has wood planks cladding. Every residence has balconies with vertical wood louvers with uneven rhythm for shading.