Granulati Zandobbio SPA

Architetto Nicola Isetta

office and auditorium surface 1.200 m²
courtyard surface 2.200 m²
parking space surface 3.000 m²

2017 competition


In 2017 Granulati Zandobbio SPA banned a competition for a new office and event building in the area property of the company named STONE CITY. The project area is strongly characterized by the highway and the surrounding industrial environment, noise and context make this not a welcoming place for a space to be devoted to events, promotion and lectures. The project gives a solution to these problems, while simultaneously exploiting the strong element of visibility given by the A4 highway, one of the busiest in Italy.

Starting from these premises, we have chosen to create a building that is well visible from the highway, acting as a protection for outdoor audiences and at the same time joining the existing exhibition area and giving continuity to everything. A stoneboxes wall 3,75 m high and 170 m long develops parallel to the highway along the entire project area, culminating to the west in the new multifunctional building of which the stoneboxes become the facade cladding. The wall encloses a 23 m wide and 140 m long courtyard that extends to the east existing exhibition park, creating a patio protected on four sides. This wall keeps the courtyard apart from the loud, inhospitable surroundings. To the west of the courtyard, the new building develops on three levels that follow a degrading profile similar to the cracked rock walls of the quarries, giving the volume an iconic and recognizable shape. The courtyard is the center of gravity of the project, overlooked by the open spaces of the multifunctional building is connecting it with the existing exhibition park and at the same time keeping the space isolated from the context. The 30-meter wide buffer zone to the highway on south of the lot is exploited for parking lots (110 seats). The entrance to the building is from south side, through a portico carved in the STONEBOX facade, here you enter a double height hall with reception and an open spiral staircase leading to the first floor. From the lobby you access directly to the auditorium of 300 seats on north side, to the bar on east side and on west side to the staircase elevator to get to the offices on fist floor. The bar and auditorium face east on a porch which becomes its natural extension of the courtyard. The auditorium has a shed roof to allow natural lighting through skylights when necessary.