Organizing authority:

Architetto Nicola Isetta
Architetto Emilia Tomasetto

Tre Erre Ingegneria Srl (Structural design and health and safety)
Mountech Srl (MEP)
Ing. Marco Bresolin (Acoustic)

GFA 900 m²

2021 June – competition first phase
2021 September – competition second phase (4th prize)

The concept of the new town hall is based on two principles: crating a landmark that gives identity to the new life phase of the municipality while respecting the context and taking advantage of it. The context of the project is a hilly area strongly characterized by the differences in height of the terrain, the new municipal building is composed of volumes arranged on different levels shifted from each other to create terraces and fill the large difference in altitude but also to create new opportunities such as terraces, open spaces for aggregation and arcades. The overhang-covered arcades are filter areas, they are useful as sunscreens and reinterpret a typological element of the traditional architecture of the area. The volumes are materialized as a compact shell covered with prefabricated concrete panels where the building is against the ground but open into glass facades where the building is above ground, in a conceptual idea of being rooted to the ground but open to the community.

The areas around the building are treated as green spaces with pedestrian paths in pervious material. To the north, the exterior design of the town hall creates a new square, here the volume of the building is emptied to create a landmark, a visual cone that frames the surrounding landscape like a glimpse to future. This large open space offers numerous opportunities of use: for the market or for city events, it is a multifunctional area served by the new cafeteria. From the square a pedestrian stepped path goes down to the west. The offices are arranged in a horseshoe shape around a central access patio facing south which establishes an interesting relationship with the outside and creates a promenade for the public who is welcomed inside the transparent structure. This configuration offers access to natural light without the risk of being glared by direct light thanks to the overhangs. The atrium houses a reception area with a double height in the center that creates an interesting relationship with the upper floor. The view and visibility of these spaces want to express as much as possible a concept of transparency and sharing, where the citizen sees and participates in the life of the community. The building has been conceived for environmental sustainability in compliance with C.A.M (Minimum Environmental Standards) of Italian Ministry of Environment and in line with LEED standard.