Architetto Paola Rebellato

net internal area 70 m²

2005 schematic design
2005 design development, beginning of construction
2006 end of construction

The project involves the renovation and enlargement of a typical stone structure of “Valle d'Itria” as holiday residence. The original structure was composed by a “torretta ostunese” with two rooms a “trullo” and a “lamia”. The structure was enlarged with a new volume in local stone where we have the living room and a bathroom. One bedroom and the dining area are in the “torretta ostunese”, the kitchen in the “trullo” and the master bedroom with bathroom in the “lamia”.

The project had particular care on using materials and building systems typical of the area. The builder brought his experience of “maestro trullaro”, a builder specialized in these typical houses. The handmade stone bricks walls are very thick in order to protect from heat and the vaulted roof has rainwater recovery. Following these traditional principles, you can assure internal comfort and good temperature also in summertime.