YAC Young Architects Competitions

Architetto Nicola Isetta
Architetto Paola Rebellato

gross floor area 6,500 m²

2014 competition


The project consists in the competition entry for the new Cantina Valpolicella Negrar that puts together with the wine-making working spaces the possibility to hold new cultural activities, promotional events, research and innovation. Image, communication and brand are the key words for the new winery. The winery becomes the manifesto of a consumer related product which harmo­nizes production quality, public relation and market. The intervention completely redesigns the EAST WING of the complex. The length is emphasized with an iconic facade design characterized by long overhangs for sun protection on the east side.

On level 0 the front is relatively closed but is completely open on level 1 where you can benefit of the surroundings hills and vineyards panorama. The new street front is an important part of the project’s concept. The parking for visitors is screened by a grass DUNE which gives a landmark profile to the project and separates it from the street. The EAST WING is detached from the existing building on the west side creat­ing between the two parts a photovoltaic glass covered greenhouse-like BOULEVARD. This double-height space acting like a buffer connects the buildings and acts as the center of gravity of the project. On the north-west part of the plot there is a new volume at level -1 housing a new storehouse. This volume goes underneath the EAST WING. On rooftop of this volume there is a VINE GARDEN accessible from the BOULEVARD at level 0. At level 0 on the south side is the main entrance to the EAST WING with the main reception and a shop. From here you gain access to the entire complex both for visitors and workers. In the central part of the EAST WING there is the new fruit storehouse. On the northern part of the EAST WING there are the research labs. All these spaces on level 0 are open to public and connected directly with the BOULEVARD. This is the central part of the project used for circulation and for exposition itself. At level 1 south we have a multimedia library and taste room accessible to the public. From here you can have a nice view of the sur­rounding panorama while you sip a glass of wine. The rest of level 1 is dedicated to offices spaces, they face west and east towards the BOULEVARD and the street. The central strip of level 1 has three patios for light and service spaces such as toilets, break rooms and conference spaces.